CYFORT’s experts share the belief that awareness precedes actions and that affecting the knowledge and attitude of individuals within the organization, regarding the protection of information and physical assets, should be a well-established and ongoing process. Utilizing vast technological background coupled with operational security best practices and experience, in demonstrating a full range of attack scenarios following through the whole Cyber Kill Chain.

In its awareness campaigns, CYFORT’s approach delivers, both conventional and unconventional methods to raise awareness of employees to real-world/real-time decision making while including: Attack, Defend, Attack-Defend, Forensics, and Pen Testing. Designed to provide tactical, hands-on training on variety of security topics.


Exercises and topics Covered in our Awareness Campaigns include:

  • Email Security / Anti-Phishing
  • URL Training
  • Data Protection and Destruction
  • Password Security
  • USB Based Campaigns
  • Virus Protection
  • Storing Sensitive Data
  • Spyware
  • Desktop Security
  • Red/Blue/White Team Training
  • obtain control and defend network and infrastructure


Demonstrated Attack Scenarios

  • Phishing Campaigns
  • Attack Surface Mapping
  • Reconnaissance Collection
  • Targeted Malware
  • Cleaning Man Scenarios
  • DDoS Demonstrations (Application and Network level)

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