Cyfort’s team of Application Security specialists, have the ability to deliver both the highest level of penetration testing results as well as build, lead and support the Software Security initiative in your organizations.

Software handles the most sensitive and critical information of your organization. Many of the high-scale cyber-attacks derived from security breaches at the software level. Despite the clear importance of software security posture, organization struggle with the effort of keeping applications secured.

Taking security measures as part of the development lifecycle of a product along with building security measures a part of the application layer, reduce the likelihood that hackers will be able to succeed when launching an attack on your organization’s applicative layer.

Application Security is now seen as a significant part of the development process that allows achieving better, more robust, secure and less costly software

Cyfort application security services help organization build and maintain secure software. Whether you are in the process of developing one critical application or need to build a Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) process from the ground up, we are the experts who can help you achieve it.

With ongoing experience in on many verticals, we can assist your organization in defining and integrating security requirements into the organization’s DNA, effectively and easily.


Threat modeling provides a clear “line of sight” across a project that justifies security efforts. The threat model allows security decisions to be made rationally. With all the information on the table , project’s owner can focus on the most important and cost-effective software security solutions.

This step, usually performed either on the initial steps of the Software Development Lifecycle (Inception, Design), or more holistically, in an organizational security overview, prioritizes the importance of assets and the risk of compromising those assets by both malicious attacks and unplanned events.

The process involves defining enterprise assets, identifying what each application does (or will do) with respect to these assets, creating a security profile for each application, identifying and prioritizing potential threats, and documenting adverse events and the actions taken in each case.


Cyfort experts help organization with revealing flaws at the code level. We specialize on all major development platform and proficient with current improvements and advanced technologies including Java Spring, Node.JS, AngularJS, Web Sockets, Redis, MongoDB, NoSQL and many more.

Our close familiarity with developing techniques allows us to quickly spot the areas in the code where developers are likely to fall into security pitfalls thus finding security flaws efficiently even  on large scale projects.    Manually analyzing the application source code enables our engineers to closely understand the application logic and find flaws with business logic, flaws that automatic tools fails to find.


Security Penetration Testing gives the organization actual understanding of the security level of the application and the quality and effectiveness of the security measures taken. Acting like attackers, Cyforts experts reveals existing security flaws and clearly demonstrate the extent of damage each flaw can cause.

Cyfort performs application level penetration testing on a wide variety of applications, ranging from finance to car industry and critical infrastructure.

Over many years, we have tuned our process to be efficient and effective providing exceptional results and leaving distinguish mark. Having extensive experience with ‘Red Team’ activity, Cyfort experts bring penetration testing to new heights by identifying and exploiting security bugs in a creative and clever ways.

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